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Startup bootcamps

Our immersive bootcamps offer startup entrepreneurs a comprehensive introduction to the startup world, offering them both Ghanaian and global perspectives. The bootcamp covers topics like ideation, validation, product development, and more.

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Accelerator programs

Our intensive accelerator program provides customised support for startups to fast-track their growth. This program includes access to funding, mentorship, and networking opportunities. The accelerator program includes one-on-one sessions tailored to help bring the best out of already started businesses. Our operating model is to conduct a deep dive assessment of start-ups and create tailored programmes that can help them scale up in an economically sustainable manner.

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Co-working spaces

Our co-working spaces are designed to foster a collaborative and productive work environment for startups and entrepreneurs. Memberships include access to meeting rooms, networking events, and other amenities.

Vision and mission

Our vision is to create a Ghana where all youth and women are free from the shackles of unemployment. Our mission is to put Ghanaian youth on a path where everyone has the capacity to self-create resilient, thriving, and sustainable jobs. 

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