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The Ghana Startup Academy is the nation’s premier business coaching institution, dedicated to helping entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses. Our goal is to empower innovators and game-changers with the skills, tools, and knowledge they need to succeed in the competitive startup landscape.

Whether you are just starting out with an idea or have already launched your business, Ghana Startup Academy can provide valuable insights and support to help you grow your entity into a 21st Century venture that makes the world a better place. Our programs are designed to help you refine your business strategy, develop a winning business plan, and connect with mentors and investors who can help take your venture to the next level. We guide businesses using internationally acclaimed tools and standards whilst prioritising local ingenuity and expertise.

Our highly experienced team of mentors and instructors come from a diverse range of industries, including finance, marketing, human resources, technology, and many more. They include high-flying business moguls, start-up strategists, fundraising experts, marketing and communication experts, and seasoned business coaches, among others. We have a proven track record of helping startups raise funding, acquire customers, and achieve growth and profitability.

We are driven by a firm commitment to helping our beloved country Ghana meet the Sustainable Development Goals 1, 5, and 8 on no poverty, gender equality, and decent work & economic growth, respectively.  

Statement of Urgency 

According to the Ghana Statistical Service, 1.76 million people were unemployed in Ghana as of 2022. This figure refers to people who have attained working age, are not in school, are not under-employed, and are not engaged in any form of menial jobs. These are people who are actively looking for jobs and cannot find one. To put it in context, this figure is equivalent to about 50 times the total number of students currently pursuing various programs at the University of Ghana.

Of those who are outside the unemployment bracket, a good number of them are running startups. Unfortunately, it is estimated that 50 to 60% of startups established worldwide fail.

Urgent steps are needed to create more jobs through entrepreneurship to help deal with the unemployment challenge in Ghana. Additionally, urgent steps are needed to provide startups with the needed coaching to reduce failure rates, and increase success rates.  

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Vision and mission

Our vision is to create a Ghana where all youth and women are free from the shackles of unemployment. Our mission is to put Ghanaian youth on a path where everyone has the capacity to self-create resilient, thriving, and sustainable jobs. 

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